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2 and 3 March 2009

Borderline supporting Shannon Noll

(Tickets almost sold out)


30 May 2009

Streetmusicfestival in Bad Hersfeld



June 2009

'HOUR' to be screened at the City of London Festival





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Cargo, London,
Sin-e, New York City
Red 7, Austin, Texas
The Spitz, London

Vibe Bar, Brick Lane

Blackheath Halls

West One Four

Hope and Anchor, Islington
Dublin Castle, Camden

The Troubador, London
Zulus, London
Ritzy Cafe Bar, Brixton, London

Plan B, Brixton, London

Windmill, Brixton
Water Rats, London

Back2Basix, Jhb
Songwriters' CLub, Jhb
Bassline, Jhb
Indpdt Arm Chair, Cape Town
Oppikoppi, South Africa
Splashy Fen, South Africa
Trading Store, Grahamstown
Dranouter Festival, Belgium
Various venues Paris, Lille

Cafe Barcelona, Pretoria



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February 2009

Time for a new album.

Heading to Belgrade early March to start recording... Updates soon.

January 2009

Oz snaps:

Snooping round Patrick White's house, 20 Martin Road...

Frenchman's Bay

Bronton and Vic


ABC Studio Setup

Happy new year from WA!






Victoria Street Rehearsal

Victoria St rehearsal, Perth


On the road to Harvey


Hong Kong harbour


Happy Christmas from Hong Kong


December 2008

World's longest champagne bar witnesses promising start to new album...


Some pics from Toronto earlier this year, courtesy of David E Logan:




November 2008



Here's a new review from Prague in Czech or a kind of English

r and p

Putting a short Australian tour together for January 2009. Some new dates to the right of this.

October 2008

HR3 Radio show in full here


Nice Harmonium review in the NYU news here.

And a few more: Fingertips. Slug. Pseudomedtry

'Unplugged' on Hr3 in Frankfurt:

With the great Volker Rebel and Manuel Klemm:

Clips from Volker Rebel session:



September 2008

There's a new review here of the Harmonium EP.

We're live on Hr3 radio in Germany this coming Sunday, 5th October at around 8pm, for around an hour. You can listen to the radio live on the net by going to this address (the 'MP3 Stream' link will stream the station through iTunes).

Scenes from the Mani, Greece:

There's a moving and technologically awesome sound/photographic exhibition/installation called Transplant  at this gallery in Bow, East London (UK rather than Eastern Province) that Victoria has put together with photographer Tim Wainwright and sound artist John Wynne.  It's a brilliant piece of work and everyone needs to see it. Tim and Chris are working together on a number of projects, including a series of 22 short films in conjunction with the Housing Corporation for shows in London (including the Houses of Parliament), Manchester and York in October/November. More info on these and others soon.

Some exciting gigs coming up, starting on 5th October in Frankfurt -- a live, hour-long session on Hr3 with DJ Volker Rebell, a much revered broadcaster in Germany (people have compared him to John Peel). There's a live-feed that streams on the web (wow, what's happened to language?) I'll post in a few days.

Then there's a big gig at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London on 23rd October we're doing with Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland from the great Canadian label, Six Shooter, Lynch Rider Lulu and our very own Victoria Hume.

On 29th October we're up in Manchester recording a session on Channel M in the day and a gig that evening at the Roadhouse. That'll be the last gig for a while as we hunker down and record a new album due out in the first part of next year. There's a live feed that streams on the web......

In other news, Howard Bargroff, our collaborator on Frieze and Harmonium is starting an exciting project, doing the sound-edit for a documentary of the All Tomorrow Parties events.


August 2008

Subba-Cultcha single review


Clipping from the Sunday Tribune based on an interview with Claire Angelique, Anthony Dod Mantle and Chris Letcher about the making of the film, My Black Little Heart (click to magnify):

July 2008

French Harmonium reviews, interviews:

How's your French?

My Black Little Heart premiere:

Harmonium on AC:

If you're anywhere near BBC 6 Music on July 14th, tune in to Guy Garvey's radio show.

June 2008:

May 2008

Seven-song Harmonium EP out June 2008.

Cover design: Tamsyn Adams


I Was Awake



Very nice to be amongst Richard Haslop's albums of the year 2007, to be mentioned on the same page as Chris McGregor, LCD Soundsystem, Battles, Radiohead, etc. Quite a thing...

April 2008

Some new Canadian dates added (more US and Canada to follow) and two nice new French blogs:


March 2008

Very nice new review in Losing Today magazine here. Some more here.

Letcher US and Canada tour now scheduled for June, and South Africa for August. More gig details about those and others soon. Work's also underway for a new EP out this coming June.

Some new Tamsyn Adams photos here

25 February 2008

VH's illustrated Plymouth set. Guess the tunes!

Just been booked onto Saturday 31 May at Wychwood -- just before School of Language!

6 February 2008

New dates and a festival coming soon.

As good a review as we could hope for in this month's copy of the Dutch music magazine, Revolver, who also thought ours one of the mooiste albums of 2007:

29 January 2008

It's the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen for us this coming Monday -- 4th February 2008. We get the nod from this week's Timeout who make us Critics' Choice. Woo. Hoo. The Hoxton B&K is one of our favourite venues -- nice room, nice stage, nice sound. Hope we'll see you there.

Vic and little red coffin outside the Chelsea Hotel as recorded by DEW and his Russian spy cam.

27 January 2008

Happy travels, Goose! See you in Aus. Cheers to everyone who came down on Saturday and made it a great night. Some pics from Tom:

Luke Heeley and other poets have just launched this lovely book of new poems. Highly recommended.

A new year. New songs. New gigs -- starting 26 January with the Spruce Goose Review HERE. We're doing a set at about 8.30pm, so is Bo Derelict and other good things -- come on down...

Some of Dave's Russian camera pics:

Then 4 Feb, a big gig at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen... more details to follow...

December 2007

More Reviews

Wow! 6 up from McCartney on the eMusic charts in the US!

Huh? What accent?

News from two collaborators :

Christophe Boissiere ('cello on 'Sketch', 'Misheen' etc) just composed and performed a score to this Buster Keaton film at the Cinema Truffaut, Chilly-Mazarin, Paris.

... and Johanna Koivu (violinist Dave met working on a theatre piece he describes as 'free improvisational music soundtracking a pretty ridiculous installation interpretation of a Chekhov play'). Johanna played with us for a year or more in London before heading back to Finland to continue playing with Lauri Tahka and Elonkerjuu, now massive, major label stars of the Finnish folk scene! Go Johanna!

eMusic top albums chart 13 December:

New Oppikoppi pics by Kerry Buckle HERE

October 2007

Thanks so much to everyone who came to down to Hoxton last night and bought cds. We're very grateful. Look forward to seeing you all soon. We're playing next at the Borderline, central London, on 2 November.



September 2007


Click on petits cochons:

August 2007

Frieze will be released in the UK on 24 September. We've got a whole lot of new reviews from the US, Germany, France and the UK here.

Also this one in Prefix Mag:

July 2007

We've got some new streaming music and video up on Virb, a far superior alternative to Myspace.

There's also a new online showreel of film and television work here. Send word if you'd like a high-res DVD.

June 2007

Speccy Geek visits the George morgue after being chased by Plymouth. New Deep Frieze video here.

Speccy Geek with warped mind is Guardian New Band of the Day:

Photo: Gareth Hart

May 2007

NYC, post Austin hat shop splurge:


April 2007

Very much thanks to everyone who came to the gigs in SA. We had the greatest time. Will most certainly be back soon. There are some reviews here:



and this

March 2007

Photo: Tamsyn Adams

The album Frieze has picked up two nominations in the 2007 SA music awards. Here's a link.

See y'all in Texas!

Chris Letcher to put on his Texas cowboy boots (click for link)

A whole lotta new gigs in three continents up to the right of this. Hope we'll see you at one or more of those.

Feb 2007

Our first single's out soon. We'll be giving out some copies of this and the album at our showcase gig at Terminal Studios on 21 February. Would be great to see you if you can make it down.

January 2007

There are some album reviews below. The International release is now scheduled for April 2007.

Chris Letcher – FRIEZE

***** 5 Stars

This is simply a great album. Truly world-class. Intricate, complex, melodic, ambitious, funny, literate and so damn listenable it’ll make you gasp. How sad then that so few of you will buy it, pretty much no radio stations will play it, corporate backing will be limited to a couple of crates of beer, and only a couple of thousand people will see the incredible live band currently touring the record around the country. What a pathetic state of affairs. Luckily for the former Urban Creeper and partner in crime to Matthew Van Der Want, Sheer Sound have extended their horizons beyond our horticultural backwater and are committed to getting this album into the hands of a market with numbers who will appreciate it. Chris Letcher has spent the 21st century in London and touring Europe with a disciplined, rock solid band that bring the best out of his songs. Probably the best songwriter this country has produced for many years. Let’s hope he gets the rewards he deserves. God bless the bigger picture. (Jeremy Daniel)

M & G 1

M & G 2


The Star 1

The Star 2

The Star 3

Sunday Times

December 2006

Photo: V. Hume

29 November 2006

Phone pics - Tamsyn Adams

We're very grateful to everyone who came to see us in SA. We had a great tour. Pics from that up soon. The album 'Frieze' is out in SA at the moment. It will be available in Europe, the US and Australia from early next year...



30 June 2006

Here's a link to some new VdW/L photos taken by Toast Coetzer:


Photo: Toast Coetzer

Film news:


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